3D-Printing for the MIM-process

MIMplus Technologies offers the production of complex shaped metal parts via different 3D-printing technologies for prototyping as well as small series production. The latter is especially relevant for parts that are not feasible to produce by other processes or are not economical via the common MIM process.

Via the selected 3D-printing technologies we first produce green parts that can be then further processed and transferred into fully metallic parts via the steps debinding and sintering.

Emerging parts show similar mechanical properties and microstructure as MIM parts. The microstructure is very homogeneous, parts are free of internal stresses and achievable densities are > 96%.


The 3D-printed and sintered parts fulfill even high demands on surface quality but can also be further processed by common post-processing processes like sand-blasting, slide-grinding, polishing or metal plating.


Currently available alloys are the stainless steel 316L and the titanium alloy Ti6Al4V, while further materials are under development.