Design guidelines

The unique freedom in design of the MIM technology also comes together with some requests on the geometry of the components. MIM is especially suited for small to medium sized components. This is why MIMplus Technologies has specialized on the production of parts with an average weight between 0.01 to 50 g. Larger components are possible in principle – the maximum part size we currently manufacture is in the range of 100 g.

Achievable tolerances are component and material-specific and will be calculated by our experts together with you.

In addition to developing the optimum geometry of your component it is very important to determine the following data at an early stage in the project in order to design the optimum MIM component together with you:

• Type of application
• Place of installation of the component/subassembly
• Functional requirements
• Load type
• Structural requirements
• Surface requirements

The following main geometric guidelines should be considered in a very early stage in the designing of MIM components in order to avoid refinishing or extra calibration steps and thus optimize unit costs:

Contact surface


A flat contact surface prevents deformation of the component during the sintering process.

Wall thickness distribution


Constant and even wall thicknesses enable the highest degree of dimensional accuracy and reproducibility. This allows for reducing significantly weight of the component and saving raw material.



Generally speaking rounded edges should be preferred to sharp-formed edges.

Our experts are looking forward to discussing these design guidelines together with you to develop and produce your MIM components.