Our industries

MIM parts are used in almost any industry. Due to the advantages of the MIM-process for complex and high volume parts final products are used in automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer as well as in industrial applications. The ability to combine different operations into one process step offers significant advantages in terms of lead times and costs.

In addition the MIM process is regarded to be an environmental friendly technology, since waste material is reduced especially compared to cutting technologies. 

Automotive industry

An example for an automotive application shows the "bearing block with finger followers". Through the use of metal injection moulding a significent  performance improvement for an highend application could be realized. 

Aerospace industry

An example for an aerospace application shows the hinge mechanism on the right side.

High densities and tight tolerances makes MIM the ideal choice for this assembly.

Medical industry

MIMplus Technologies is one of the market leaders for titanium applications. The example shows an application for spine surgery.


Complex shaped MIM parts are used in many industrial applications. The assembly on the right shows parts produced with metal injection moulding. The assembly is completed by adding several purchased parts and using a special gluing technique.


Consumer applications can be found for instance in mobile phones. The example on the right shows a part with very high demand for cosmetic perfection. Besides grinding and polishing operations laser welding and laser marking is used for the completion of this assembly.