Post processing

The comprehensive post processing possibilities of MIMplus Technologies are unique in the MIM-world

To achieve specific requirements, parts can be further processed during and after the MIM process. 

MIMplus Technologies GmbH & Co. KG provides the following Technologies:


From fully automated and semi-automatic CNC machining centers  to honing, grinding, and tapping as well as fully automated calibration machinery MIMplus Technology offers everything needed to deliver finished parts to the customer.

Our Profileplus Technology a proprietary development is a highly competitive process to produce parts in very large quantities. 




Laser Technology is being applied in many different ways.


Starting with machining green parts for example by laser drilling, we also offer laser marking and laser welding of sintered parts and assemblies.




Surface finishing

MIMplus is a market leader for cosmetic surfaces. 

Production technolgies like grinding, polishing and sand blasting are being applied for many years on MIM stainless steel and titanium parts.



The tumbling department  does deburring as a standard operation. Tumbling is also used to improve the surface homogeneity and for simple polishing and rounding operations.



In our fully automated electroplating shop we can coat parts with nickel, tin nickel, gold and silver. In addition we offer passivation and black-oxide finishing.

For smaller quantities we have an additional manual elektroplating shop.


Joining techniques

MIMplus offers automated, semi-automatic and manual assembly of dismountable components, depending on the quantities and the complexity of the component.

Non-dismountable component assemblies are done with resistance and laser welding as well as soldering and conglutination technologies. 



Fully automated ultrasonic and alcohol-based cleaning machines enable us to provide even the highest standards customers, especially with cosmetic surface requirements, expect.


Heat treatment

Together with selected partners we offer heat treatment for hardening, case hardening, surface layer hardening, vacuum hardening, nitriding, nitro-carburizing, plasma nitriding and annealing.


Surface treatment

Together with industry leading partners MIMplus Technologies also offers vacuum deposition, PCD and PACVD surface treatments.


Insert moulding

Insert moulded parts are a requirement in several industries. MIMplus has a long lasting experience for overmoulding safety screws as well as MIM parts for customers from the optical and other industries.


Assemblies are done manually as well as semi-automatic and fully automated dependant on the quantity and the complexity of the components.



After sintering MIM parts have almost the density of machined parts. Typical  are densities of > 97% of rolled material.

If higher densities are required MIM parts can be further processed by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP).

MIMplus can offer HIP through a collaboration with qualified partners.