Focus on materials that are difficult to machine


The focus of MIMplus Technologies lies on developing and optimising materials that are difficult to machine. Today we are a market leader for titanium MIM-parts as well as for high temperature alloys and stainless steel parts.

A new material for MIM applications is our NdFeB-feedstock which is currently developed for serial production.

New materials for the MIM-process

MIMplus technologies develops the MIM material tailored exactly for your demands. In our Research and Development department our engineers develop feedstocks for various alloys and composite materials, ranging from hard metals (WC/Co, Stellite6,..), over high temperature materials (e.g. Inconel) up to composite materials that are not available by commercial feedstock producers so far. Ranging from lab scale batches of several kilograms up to batch sizes serving serial production we will develop the MIM materials together with you.

Complex shaped permanent magnets from recycled NdFeB

With our unique and innovative manufacturing process developed and patented by MIMplus Technologies we are able to manufacture highly complex shaped permanent magnets via the MIM process, using powder from recycled end-of-life NdFeB-magnets. Magnets from our process show similar magnetic properties as sintered magnets from established processes but offer a much greater freedom of design to the product. 

After the proof of concept we now developing this process together with our customers from recycling the magnetic material from electronic scrap up to ready-to-use complex shaped permanent Magnets.

Public funded fesearch rojects

MIMplus Technologies is an active research partner participating in several public funded  projects with consortia consisting of leading partners in research as well as industry. This allows for access to highly actual developments in the fields of materials, 3D-printing and production technology. Current and past projects are mainly based in the field of 3D-printing (MAESTRO [Horizon2020]) or development of new materials (MIMLAS [AiF], REProMag [Horizon2020], MaXycle [Horizon2020]).

In 2017 MIMplus Technologies won the German Raw Material Efficiency Award 2017 with the Horizon2020 project REProMag.

Co-operation with leading universities

MIMplus Technologies works together with leading universities and has a close co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim.

+++ NEWS: MIMplus Technologies participates in the Horizon 2020 EU-Research Projekt SUSMAGPRO +++