Ideal parameters selected in co-operation with the customer

- Size and tolerances

- Filling and characteristics

- Density and hardnes

- Surface roughness

Example for a project with typical steps.

The challenge in this project was to develop a high end cam follower with reduced moving mass and improved high-speed performance which was only achievable by MIM.

Material selection based on :

- Mechanical properties

- Termic properties

- Processing of green part (for example milling or lasering of green part)

- Finishing ability

- Availability of feedstock

Production of samples:

Milling from green parts or 3D-printingwithout testing tool or sample production

with a sample tool.

MIM specific testing and adaption:

- Microstructure

- Grinding burn

- Durability

- Fail-safe tests

- Tribology

- Abrasion

- Development of new material to meet hardness requirements

- Chnanges in geometry to reduce weight and increase performance

- Surface adaption to better suitcoating requirements after grinding and tumbling

Definition of additional process steps:

- Heat treatment

- Tumbling and sand blasting

- Grinding

- Electroplating

- Laser engraving

- Assembly with hydraulic tappert

Start of serial production:

- Initial sample inspection according to VDA guidelines

- Demonstration of necessary process and measuring abilities

- Start of serial production

Production Support

Tool Shop

Fully equipped tool shop and engineering department for design, process simulation and manufacturing of injection moulds.


Machine shop

In-house design and manufacturing of dedicated production equipment, ranging from jigs to fully automated special purpose (e.g. calibration, assembly) machines.



Fully equipped metallographic laboratory to evaluate micro structure, carbon content, density, hardness and more.

Lab-scale and small quantity feedstock production.


Quality Assurance

Comprehensively equipped with state of the art measuring equipment (tactile and optical) for dimensional and surface quality.

Quality Management system according to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 installed.