Metal 3D printing in serial production6th Webinar: Metal 3D printing in serial production

Webinar 2022 - Precision for the medical industry - MIMplus

5th Webinar: Precision for the medical industry

Additive Fertigung mit der Tritione Dominant MoldJet-Technologie MoldJet technology

4. Webinar 2021 - MIMplus

4th Webinar: Recycling of NdFeB and production of complex new MIM-magnets

3. Webinar 2021 - MIMplus

3rd Webinar: Only the early bird catches the worm

2. Webinar 2021 - MIMplus

2nd Webinar: Possibilities to consolidate mechanical components with Metal Injection Moulding and Additive Manufacturing

1. Webinar 2021 - MIMplus

1st Webinar: Additive Manufacturing and Metal Injection Molding – Competing production processes?

 MIMplus - MetallpulverspritzgussMetal Injection Molding process

 Recycelte Komplexe Magnete MIMplusResource efficiency award